The new PreSonus Atom SQ is the perfect tool for frequent MIDI musicians

PreSonus Atom SQ

While we didn’t receive the summer NAMM event we all had hoped for, some companies aren’t letting that stop them. Despite recent roadblocks, it seems audio manufacturers are still taking advantage of July to unveil its hottest products. One of those companies, PreSonus, just announced the PreSonus Atom SQ — something that anybody who works with MIDI will be able to appreciate.


The new Atom SQ from PreSonus is a 16-step beat sequencer, a MIDI keyboard/controller, performance pad, and so much more, all-in-one. Most catching to the average eye, is the row of 16 sequencer buttons at the bottom. Each of which also comes equipped with 32-velocity pressure sensitivity for larger dynamics when producing. An additional row of 16 pads sit above those, seemingly for utilization as “black keys” in keyboard mode, or for more advanced sequencing. Another quite unique new feature is a touchscreen multi-function strip above the sequencer buttons. We’ve seen this before from the likes of Apple in its new MacBooks, but in music production, it’s a newcomer. As the name suggests, this strip will have different buttons or features appear, allowing the ability for more features, while preserving portability.

Above the touchscreen strip are eight endless rotary knobs which are assignable to just about any parameter needed. Users can activate up to eight groups, labeled with A-H at the top left, with double-function buttons underneath those. These include Stop/Undo, Play/Loop, Record/Save, and Click/Count In. Finally, the main control center, positioned at the top-right contains a LCD screen with knobs and buttons. This makes for a simpler navigation experience through the Atom SQ’s various screens and modes.

The Atom SQ is powered via USB-C, which at this point is now expected in the world of digital pro audio, and a good move by PreSonus. Additionally, anyone who purchases Atom SQ will have copies of StudioOne Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and 2 bonus custom kit loop packs included and available for download. Seamless integration with StudioOne was a priority for PreSonus, as expected. However compatibility with any other DAW seems to be a very easy process. For more information regarding PreSonus Atom SQ, head on over to the company website to read more on the product. For anyone ready to buy, Atom SQ can be preordered now for the low price of just $250.

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