PreSonus Studio One version 5.3 brings .zip file backups and more

Just days after Avid dropped Pro Tools’ 2021.6 update, PreSonus swiftly jumped in with an announcement of its own. Studio One, PreSonus’s flagship DAW, received another upgrade for users to install and enjoy. While version 5.3 of Studio One is the company’s second update to the platform in under three months, rest assured it offers plenty of new tools for Studio One users. Here’s everything one can expect after installing the free Studio One 5.3 update.

PreSonus Studio One Version 5.3

While the number ‘5.3’ may not imply as much, PreSonus considers this latest version a major software upgrade. The first key feature brings a solution for session file backups to PreSonus Sphere members. Anybody looking to save a backup can now archive in the form of .zip files, and upload to Sphere for future use, when needed. This feature applies to songs, projects, and shows equally in a simple-to-use fashion.

Additionally, PreSonus introduced a musical symbols playback to Studio One 5.3. When working in ‘score’ or ‘piano’ views, adding symbols such as accents or crescendos will now adjust the midi data accordingly. This works with any orchestral library that features the corresponding articulations. Furthermore, existing FX chains in 5.3 can now be dragged and dropped right on the ‘show’ page. With this, PreSonus hopes to bring a bit more ease of workflow to those using that view often.

Sometimes, those in the middle of a performance need to set quick, and automatic patch setting changes. Well now, Studio One producers in 5.3 can adjust these patches in the middle of a performance as well, preventing sustained notes from cutting off during these changes. Finally, PreSonus implemented MPE support for VST3 instruments in this 5.3 update, as well as added shortcuts that will quickly open the external device editor from certain Atom controllers.

While these updates are significant on their own, PreSonus added there is a “long list” of other Studio One 5.3 implementations. To learn more about all new additions, or to download the update, head to Studio One version 5.3 is a free update for current users, and is included automatically for active Sphere members. Hopefully in the weeks ahead, we’ll be hearing good things from Studio One lovers about this latest update. Of course, at the rate PreSonus is going, likelihood is also high we will see yet another update soon enough.