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Universal Audio UA Effects Stompboxes

Universal Audio breaks new ground with UA Effects Stompboxes

In preparation of NAMM 2021 week, Universal Audio scheduled a product announcement event during the following week. Now, that time is here, and we finally know what the company’s latest products are — three new guitar pedals named the UA Effects Stompboxes. The release includes the Astra Modulation Machine, Golden Reverberator, and Starlight Echo System. Here’s the full rundown of these hot new stompboxes, and what we can expect from each.

UA Effects Stompboxes

First up in the line of three new guitar effects is the Golden Reverberator. It’s housed in a silver coated metal, brown-ish white face. Golden comes loaded with three main reverb types, all custom made for this product. Including a tube spring, a plate, and vintage digital reverb for hall and chamber effects. Its set of six knobs can be used to adjust decay time, predelay, effect mix, bass and treble, as well as modulation level.

Next in line is the Astra Modulation Machine. It sits in a similar silver housing, with more of a creamy-white tint. Its logo at the bottom mimics that of a classic Sega font. Users can select between either chorus brigade, flanger doubler, or tremolo 65. Included controls with this stompbox include mod speed, depth, intensity, shade, shape and mode.

Finally, is the UA Effects Starlight Echo System. The look of this box is much more sleek and classy than the other two. Its face has a matte black finish which compliments the silver very nicely. Much like the other two products, three delay styles can be selected here. This includes Tape EP-III, Analog DMM, and Precision. Furthermore, users can fine tune parameters such as delay time, feedback, mix, division, color and mod.

All three of the new UA Effects Stompboxes run off of dual-processor UAFX engines. Ensuring clarity and pristine tone throughout any use. Each unit costs just $399, which seems a pretty fair price considering they are Universal Audio products. The Golden Reverberator, Astra Modulation Machine, and Starlight Echo System are all available to preorder now. For even more in-depth info on these new pedals, check out Universal Audio’s site.

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