Epiphone Prophecy Collection puts a new spin on classic Gibson cuts

Epiphone Prophecy Series

Fresh after its latest collaborative effort with Gibson, Epiphone has announced a new line of guitars. This time around, the company shares what has been dubbed the Prophecy Collection. The lineup comprises of four electric style models, all totaling up to 11 different options to choose from, color wise. Aesthetically, Epiphone seems to be mostly targeting these guitars towards hard rock and metal genres. However the appeal certainly is not limited simply to cosmetic appearance alone. Here’s what we know about Epiphone’s Prophecy collection, and what enthusiasts can look forward to before placing an order.

Epiphone Prophecy Collection Features

As mentioned above, Epiphone included five Gibson-inspired body shapes in this latest line. This consists of Les Paul, SG, Flying V, and Extura, which seems to be Epiphone’s take on the ‘Xplorer’ cut. Regardless of model chosen, all Prophecy Collection guitars share similar built-in components. Most prominently is the inclusion of Fishman Fluence pickups, delivering three distinct tones. This includes two humbuckers — one warm “PAF,” as well as a hot modern style, and a hum-free single-coil. Players can switch between these tones using the guitar’s push-pull volume, and tone pots. Epiphone also promises “fast-playing” necks across all four Prophecy members, which is a nice touch.

Every single one of the four style options includes an all-black gloss finish. Aside from this, the other choices consist of a ‘Tiger-Aged’ gloss, similar to a sunburst finish. Color options here, however, are dependent on body-cut preference. Aside from the black options, Les Paul fans will have the choice between red or yellow gloss, where SG models come in red or blue. Alternately, the Flying V tiger-finish is limited only to yellow, where Extura fans can choose between yellow and purple.

Price wise, the new Prophecy Collection from Epiphone sits right in the sweet spot of affordability. No matter what customization you choose, each guitar will cost $899 at market price. While this may seem slightly high for the company, pricing may have to do with its Gibson-inspired shapes. And if these play or sound anything remotely close to Gibson-quality, that higher-than-normal price could be worth it. To learn more about the Prophecy Collection, check out its dedicated webpage. Otherwise, those ready to buy can also pick their preference from Epiphone’s site, and have it shipped out just in time for winter.