Add space and dimension with Keeley Electronics HYDRA Stereo Reverb and Tremolo

Keeley Electronics HYDRA Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

In terms of time-based effects stomp boxes, 2020 has seen no shortage of products. From the latest Nightsky pedal from Strymon, to Eventide’s Blackhole, this year has delivered a lot of quality reverb units to add to our rigs. Now, Keeley Electronics has joined the ranks as well, just in time for Black Friday and the holiday season. Its latest pedal, HYDRA, is a stereo reverb and tremolo box that is sure to add plenty of extra space to your tone. Here’s a breakdown of the HYDRA pedal from Keeley, and everything you need to know before you buy.

Keeley Electronics HYDRA Stereo Reverb and Tremolo

The HYDRA Stereo Reverb & Tremolo from Keeley fits quite a bit of power in its compact form. At the bottom sit its two main stomp switches for the reverb and tremolo effects. Its tremolo also includes the ability for users to tap tempo, making it even easier for on the fly adjustments. Here is also the home to its preset switch. Users can store up to three presets on the HYDRA. Which isn’t much overall, but convenient for musicians who only use it a handful of times.

The product’s reverb can be set to either plate, spring, or room types. Similarly, users can set the tremolo to either sine, harmonic, or vibrato. A set of five knobs at the top of Keeley’s HYDRA pedal are set to control parameters such as rate, dwell, color, depth, and the overall dry/wet mix. Alternately, some of these knobs also have a push mechanism installed, to further tweak settings such as shimmer, room hall size, or reverb tail length. The HYDRA Stereo Reverb and Tremolo can be powered either using a 9V battery, or through the included power adapter.

The Keeley Electronics HYDRA Stereo Reverb and Tremolo pedal is now available for purchase from its website. Anybody looking to pick one up can expect to pay $249, which is very fair for a pedal like this. Alternately, anybody looking to find further information on HYDRA, or other products can also do so on the Keeley Electronics site. Either way, the HYDRA pedal looks very exciting, and we can’t wait to hear it put into action.