IK Multimedia’s Classic Clipper plugin is free to download for a limited time

There’s no question, IK Multimedia is anything but a stranger to offering its plugins and instruments for free. Every so often, we can almost surely expect the company to offer up a limited time special in return for a mailing list sign up. Earlier this year, we saw another offer from the company for the Syntronik OXa software synth. Now, this time around the company’s freebie comes in the form of a plugin for its producer customers. It is a peak clipping plugin called Classic Clipper, but its features do not stop short of what its name suggests.


For the most part, the plugin’s functionality and looks are fairly straightforward. To the left is a large knob to control the gain of the input signal going into the plugin, which lies right beside a switch to reset the plugin, as well as stereo/mono soloing buttons. To the left of that is a gain reduction meter which will indicate to users how much gain reduction is occurring. In the middle, Classic Clipper users can adjust the reduction slope between very harsh, and more open. Finally, an overall output volume knob and meter are there for adjusting, sitting right next to a bypass switch. Typically, one would use this plugin to tame audio that occasionally clips, as a cleaner option to limiting, maintaining overall dynamics below the clip. But many others suggest that Classic Clips can also be used for generating harmonic saturation.

As mentioned, IK Multimedia has made Classic Clipper available now for free. However, this deal definitely won’t be lasting long, so we’d recommend getting on it as soon as you can. The plugin can be downloaded by visiting IK Multimedia’s website, and subscribing to its company newsletter. After which, IK Multimedia will send a registration code via email, and will ask you to download the T-Racks software. Once downloaded, it becomes as simple as opening the software, entering your activation code, and getting straight to work!