Pioneer’s new CDJ-3000 includes a new micro-processor and more features than ever

The last release we had from Pioneer’s extremely popular CDJ line was 2009’s CDJ-2000. For the past 11 years since, it has maintained its position as one of the top-used systems among DJs. However, a lot has certainly changed in the DJ industry, and the progression of tech in general since 2009. So now, Pioneer has finally stepped forward with its plans for an updated unit, the CDJ-3000. This time around, Pioneer has implemented more features in CDJ-3000 than ever before, and packed it full of the necessary power to back that up.

What’s New?

Without a question, the feature that stands out most as the shining star of this new CDJ unit, is its new micro-processing unit (MPU). The intention of this revamped MPU is to speed up the CDJ overall, which in turn will improve DJ experiences when performing, or otherwise using the new product. Also new with the CDJ-3000 is the new 9-inch touchscreen, which provides a rich new display experience. Finally, the inclusion of a brand new set of interface controls makes switching between music library categories easier than ever before.

Internally, some new system features include touch preview, allowing users to preview a track before selecting, as well as stacked waveform, 3-band waveform, as well as a new touch cue. The CDJ-3000 also includes a total of eight hot cue buttons, as well as beat jump. New key sync, and key shift buttons will instantly match a cued track’s key with the song currently playing. Most importantly however, might be the upgrade given to the CDJ’s jog-wheel. Although Pioneer does insist that latency within its touch system, any remaining skeptics or users attached to the physical wheel will also get an enhanced experience.

Pioneer has certainly made lots of DJs excited with the announcement of its newest CDJ family member, the CDJ-3000. With that said, 11 years of waiting for a new release has made this payoff so much sweeter. The Pioneer CDJ-3000 is available now to purchase, either directly through Pioneer’s website, or through a dealer near you. CDJ-3000 is available in the classic all-black finish, or a white finish, which will only be available temporarily. For more information, we would encourage you to check out its dedicated information page on Pioneer’s site.