"The Orange Amplifier Company was started in 1968 by Clifford Cooper in response to the burgeoning rock scene in England. His small music store was unable to secure amplifiers from the big companies, so he decided to built his own. At first he contracted Mat Mathias of Matamp to build them in his small shop, in 1970 the two cooperated on building a factory that could meet growing demand. Over the next 2 years they experimented and gradually settled on the circuit that became the ""Graphics Only"" amplifier, so called because controls were labelled with pictures, no words. During the 70s the circuit was refined, a master volume was added, reverb was included, and the amp line increased from50 and 100w version to 80, 120, 200 and 400w versions in head/cabinet and combo format. Speakers in England were either Fane 50w or Celestion G12H30, in America most were delivered with Emminence speakers. JBL D120 speakers were optional in both countries although rare in guitar amplifiers. At the same time Orange was making and selling large numbers of PA parts ranging from amplifier/mixers to gigantic 215 folded horn speakers.

In the 80s, Orange production was cut to just a few amplifiers at a time handmade by Cooper. Gibson took over briefly in the 90s and produced copies of the original circuits built by Matamp. In the late 90s, Cooper again took over the company, and with input from Oasis Guitarist Noel Gallagher and engineer Adrian Emsley redesigned the line for more crunch at lower volumes, using quite a different circuit design than the original amps (which were the only high powered amps using a cathodyne phase inverter by the 70s). Since then Orange has branched out into micro-amps, solid state, amps suited for metal and other heavier music genres, speakers are mostly Celestions at this point. The cosmetics and the heavy construction have continued till now."

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Orange Music Electronic Company, Ltd.
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