Reason Studios adds Mimic Creative Sampler for Reason+ subscribers

Reason Studios Mimic Creative Sampler

Reason Studios has sat as a frontrunner design company in the synth and sound design field for years. Lately, its newest Reason+ subscription model offered a simple way for users to access is flagship program and all of its recent updates. Most notably, subscribers on this model have gained early access to its latest edition, Reason 12, before the general public. Now just weeks before its scheduled market launch, Reason+ subscribers have a brand new rack effect to use, Mimic Creative Sampler. Here is what the latest software sampler from Reason Studios has to offer.

Reason Studios Mimic Creative Sampler

Firstly, the Mimic Creative Sampler soon to be available with Reason 12, seems cut from the same cloth as other samplers. Sampling engines have of late been a commonality found within most software-centric DAW’s. As such, Reason Studios apparently noticed this trend and filled its own weak spot with this new sampler. It comes equipped with four usable modes — pitch, slot, multi-slot, and multi-pitch. Users can use any one of these modes at a given time when working within the engine. Mimic additionally provides eight sample slots to be individually or simultaneously used, depending on the mode.

Underneath this sits a long visual sample editor for in-depth precision cuts within longer files. Beneath here sits, in all honesty, a rather clunky-looking array of knob sections for effects processing. Including sections for pitch, filter, LFO, envelopes, compression, and more. One other perk in Mimic Creative Sampler, however, is its library of built-in presets. Unique from some other DAW samplers, this gives the producer at hand the ability to load a preset they already like and tweak it, or just go full-manual. Finally, the rack effect’s master volume sits at the top-right to adjust the overall output volume post-sampler.

To use Reason Studios‘ Mimic Creative Sampler over the next month, a current Reason+ subscription is required. However, luckily for others, this new sampler engine will be available within Reason 12, when it hits the market on September 1st. To join Reason+, users need only pay $20 per month for a membership. While not yet confirmed, Reason 12 will likely fall under the same $399 pricing for a full copy. For more information on memberships, or pricing on all Reason Studios products, head over to the company’s website.