M-Audio BX3 and BX4 monitors offer two new budget-friendly options

As streaming, podcasting and home video editing continue to rise, companies have adapted products to fit the changing market. Likewise, this has also caused a shift towards the need for more compact, budget-friendly studio options. Since M-Audio has held a long-standing position in this niche, it has now returned with two new monitor sets. The setups of the BX3 and BX4 are quite similar in nature, differing only in size. However small and non-threatening these new speakers may appear though, M-Audio is promising powerful performances out of both.

BX3 and BX4 Monitor Features

As mentioned above, the sole differentiating factor between M-Audio‘s BX3 and BX4 monitors is in size and performance. Otherwise, based on looks and tone, they hold essentially the same features. Each one houses military-grade woofers, made of black kevlar, and natural silk dome tweeters. The BX3’s woofer sits at 3.5″, where the BX4 contains a 4.5″ one. Similarly, M-Audio included a rear port on each model to enhance low-end performance overall. These are settled into an acoustically-inert MDF cabinet. Both sets of monitors top off at an impressive 120 watts of power and assure crystal-clear quality throughout.

On the back side, the monitors have two pairs of stereo inputs, one RCA set for unbalanced, and one 1/4″ set for balanced signals. Here, users can also find an indicator switch to which speaker they want as the active one. Two EQ knobs sit just to the right of the inputs, allowing +/- 6dB of gain in the highs and lows. The monitor’s overall output knob is found on the front, just on the other side of two 1/8″ connectors for aux in, or headphone outs.

M-Audio states that the suggested use for these monitors lie more within the realm of podcasting, streaming, movies, and music. However these are certainly suitable, budget-friendly options for just about anybody. The BX3 and BX4 are now available for purchase worldwide, each selling as a pair. The BX3 set costs $119, and the BX4 sits just above that price wise, at $149. To learn more about these new monitors from M-Audio, check out its website here. Otherwise, anybody ready to buy these monitors for themselves can get the BX3 here, and the BX4 here.