Waves introduces Music Maker Access subscription plugin packages

Waves Music Maker Access

Most music makers don’t have the backing of a large studio behind them — and as such affordability is often key. Typically, people have to spend at least some cash on a plugin — but in today’s economy, it has become exponentially difficult to purchase these tools. To help combat this, some companies are offering monthly plugin packages at a fraction of the normal price of buying plugins separately — and Waves is the latest to jump aboard that trend.

Waves Audio‘s new Music Maker Access packages offer a brand new way for lovers of Waves products to access its vast library. Companies like Avid and Slate Digital have already adapted to this new market. But with yet another big name like Waves joining in, we’re excited to see where plugin accessibility is headed.

The Music Maker Access subscriptions from Waves Audio comes in three forms — Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The Silver package offers access to 16 of Waves‘ most popular plugins. This includes the C1 Compressor, L1 Ultramaximizer, DeEsser, PazAnalyzer, Renaissance plugins, TrueVerb, and more. Typically, this package would run about $599 at face value. However with the new subscription based platform, it is available at just $6.99/month, or $69 per year.

The next package offered grants access to the Waves Gold Bundle. This includes all Silver level plugins, plus 26 more, totaling at a whopping 42 plugins. This level includes Doubler, Electric Grand 80 Piano, the GTR3 package, H-Comp, V-Comp, and Q10 Equalizer. While this would cost someone $799 normally, the subscription option has slashed prices. Now, all of these are available for $9.99/month, or $99.99 per year.

Finally, topping the scale is the Platinum package. Including everything from the previous two packages, with an additional 15, this is the subscription to get if you need to go all out. This includes the PuigTec EQ, Sibilance, VU Meter, Metaflanger, L3 Ultramaximizer, and many more. As the most expensive package, what would normally cost $1,999 at market cost, is now slashed in price to a very affordable $19.99/month or $199 per year.

This could be super helpful for those who need access to some decent plugins at an affordable price — and it’s likely other companies will follow with their own subscription plan. Head over to the Waves website to learn more  and sign up to the Music Maker Access packages for yourself.