Teenage Engineering isn’t cancelling the infamous OP-1 synthesizer after all

Teenage Engineering isn’t cancelling the infamous OP-1 synthesizer after all

The OP-1 synthesizer from Teenage Engineering has made its way into the hands and hearts of electronic music producers, hobbyists and experimenters alike, since its initial release in 2011. For such a small, compact and almost toy-like device, the OP-1 has regularly proven itself to sit in the ranks alongside big-league synthesizers. In fact, it became so widely popular among the music community that in more recent years that Teenage Engineering has consistently sold out of the device. Which causes other production issues such as users’ inability to receive replacement parts in a timely manner, or when more units do become available, consumers are so eager to purchase them that they are gone in another instant.

Because of this extreme supply-demand imbalance, and a lack of communication from Teenage Engineering about any updates they are making to the OP-1 synthesizer or about its sales in general, a lot of rumors have recently been spread by its users and fans, questioning the product’s lifespan. Some even going so far as suggesting that this is the beginning of the end of the OP-1’s production life, and that Teenage Engineering is killing its star synthesizer for good. Which in turn is causing some owners to pre-emptively attempt to sell their OP-1’s for up to 900% of their original retail value of $1,000.

Amidst all of the confusion and rumors, Teenage Engineering took it upon themselves to share a screenshot of one of these extreme cases and simultaneously dispel any and all rumors of cancellation.

The picture shared shows an online auction for an OP-1 synthesizer with what appears to be a current auction price of approximately $8,600 USD.

Luckily, we can all rest easy now knowing that the widely popular OP-1 synthesizer is in fact not dead, just in a low-production period while the company appears to be working on some brand new hardware updates, which everybody can look forward to enjoying in the future.