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Teenage Engineering Rick and Morty Pocket Operator

Teenage Engineering teams up with ‘Rick and Morty’ creator for a unique Pocket Operator

For all of you gear-head readers out there who also happen to be fans of Rick and Morty, we’ve got a piece of unique news that will surely capture your attention. Teenage Engineering, the designers of many modern hardware synthesizers, and most famously, the OP-1, have teamed up with an unlikely source for a very unique new project. Today from its Instagram account, it posted a video and photo of a new “Pocket Operator” style synth that is completely themed around the widely popular adult cartoon show Rick and Morty. The company has also worked closely with the show’s co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland to breathe the life of the show’s characters directly into this device straight from the source.


This new Pocket Operator comes with a series of 23 buttons dedicated to different functions on the device, including record, playback, sound, as well as bpm and pattern adjustment. Additionally, it appears as though this calculator-like Rick and Morty sound machine will hold up to 8 voices at a time, and a number of effects banks. Its LCD screen across the top operates a lot like a classic digital clock. It includes both Rick and Morty, as well as different gestures and graphics that can display around them as you adjust and playback your creations. Much like the OP-1 and other Pocket Operators, a microphone at the top right is present for recording your own voice or everyday sounds into the unit to morph and incorporate as you please.

The Rick and Morty Pocket Operator from Teenage Engineering in collaboration with Justin Roiland was announced to drop online at the end of July in a limited run. At this point we don’t know just how “limited” this will be, but if we know anything about Teenage Engineering fans, and Rick and Morty fans, it’s likely safe to assume it may become difficult for one to get their hands on one after its initial release. To learn more, head over to Teenage Engineering’s website, and sign up for the notification tab to know exactly when the time comes.

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