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TC Electronic TonePrint Pedalboard Teaser

TC Electronic teases work on a TC2290 stompbox and a TonePrint pedalboard

TC Electronic has been stirring up some big conversation after a series of teaser posts on Facebook were released, hinting at some new models possibly coming soon. In those posts, the company shared images that appear to suggest that the company is creating both a TonePrint Pedalboard, as well as a full-sized stompbox out of its TC2290 rack-mount effects box. While there was no supplemental info from TC Electronic in these posts, we will break down what each of these pieces of gear could end up being.

TC2290 Stompbox

TC2290 Stompbox Mockup

The first piece that we’ll dive into is what could end up being a carbon copy of the TC2290 turned into an effects pedal. The TC2290 Digital Dynamic Delay is an outboard time-based effects processor that users have loved ever since its initial release as a rack-mount hardware unit. Last year, the company released it again as a desktop remote controlled plugin. Now, TC Electronic seems to be motioning towards scaling the hardware down even more, and turning it into a stompbox for live performances, and otherwise. The image posted reveals a mockup design of what a final result could end up looking like, but until we have more information, all we have to do now is wait.

TonePrint Pedalboard

TonePrint Pedalboard Mockup

Secondly, TC Electronic posted a teaser photo of what appears to be the beginning of development into a TonePrint Pedalboard, something TonePrint users have long been asking for. The TonePrint system was developed a few years ago, and essentially is a way to remotely capture a ‘print’ of a sound you achieve, and apply it in other situations through a variety of TC Electronic stompboxes with TonePrint built in. Now, it appears as if the company may end up creating a full pedalboard of effects from its massive TonePrint library that people can use in an all-in-one source to pull up their favorite sounds and seamlessly switch between them. Again, no further information has been confirmed from TC Electronic other than that this is still in its ‘idea’ phase. But we will be sure to keep you all in the loop once more news makes its way into the public about either of these potential new products.

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