The Moog Model 10 is back in production after nearly 50 years

Moog Model 10 Synthesizer

In a recent and stunning announcement made by Moog, its factory in Asheville, NC has been hard at work to bring back a classic. The Moog Model 10 Synthesizer, initially created in 1971 by Robert Moog, was designed as the company’s first compact modular synth model. It is the predecessor of the Model 15, and came shortly after the MiniMoog synth, another popular product still loved by many today. Now, nearly 50 years after its initial creation, Moog has decided to bring back the Model 10 in all of its glory. The new Model 10 is currently in production, and is being built as a true representation, or carbon copy of the original — maintaining all of the original specs in the exact same place, as if it never left.

Unlike many other company recreations, or mock recreations designed by other companies of vintage best-sellers, Moog is not adding any new technology to the “new” Model 10 to bring it from 1971 to 2019. No USB cables, no LED screens, no additional features, plugins, or downsizing. Just the Model 10, as beautiful as it was always designed to be.

Designed for portability, the Model 10 stands up on its end, and is secured like a suitcase by its cover. Each model is made to order in the Asheville factory by hand stuffing, hand soldering components to the circuit board, and hand tested and approved before shipment. That way, each owner of a Model 10 revamp unit will know that extra care, love, and attention has been given to their unit before they open it up and dive in.

The Moog Model 10 is a limited edition release, which means if you want one for yourself, you are going to have to act quickly, as well as shell out the big bucks. Each one will cost you about $9,950, to be exact. So if you have that kind of money stashed away, now is the time to jump on it and head over to its product page on the Moog website to find a dealer near you.