TiNRS announces RectangularThing – A Eurorack synth you’ll never get your hands on

Dutch inventors and start-up company, This is Not Rocket Science (TiNRS), has announced the creation and launch of a new type of hardware synth unit to hit the market very soon and in a very limited quantity. The unit will be titled ‘RectangularThing’ and if you’re a synthesizer fan, this may be the new all-in-one Eurorack module that you will lose your mind over and also likely never be able to get your hands on.


The TiNRS RectangularThing, as mentioned above is essentially an all-in-one synthesizer in one simple Eurorack set-up. It contains everything one would look for in their hardware synth – 2 oscillators to generate your initial signal, high and low-pass filters, 2 VCAs, a mixer, 2 envelopes, modulation, and output functions.

Each oscillator comes with a series of 4 knobs to mix your preferred combination of square wave, triangle wave, and sawtooth wave signals. And it also includes another knob which is named explicitly on the unit as “?!?!?” and “!?!?!.” Two knobs that have been described by others as the sub-oscillator output controls. The oscillators also have a ‘SYNC’ function, which, when enabled, allows the user to sync both oscillators together at either a hard or soft level. A hard sync forces the second oscillator to start a new cycle whenever the top oscillator starts its own new cycle. A soft sync aligns the starting points of each cycle.

Price & Availability

While the TiNRS RectangularThing seems to be a very cool unit for synth fans and collectors to get your hands on, we would advise our readers not to get your hopes up. Why? – Because TiNRS are producing the brand new Eurorack module in a limited quantity of twenty. That’s right, only twenty units are being designed, built, and available to ship at this moment, so unless you’re quick on the internet draw and have a handy $811.09 (€700), not including international shipping,  it’s very likely you won’t be able to grab it at this moment.