The TC Electronic Finalizer is a new all-in-one mastering app

TC Electronic Finalizer

Mastering a song, whether it is one you saw all the way through from recording to the final mix, or one that was delivered to you for a pair of fresh ears, is no simple task. Each engineer has their own preferred methods, tools, and set-ups to keep their workflow as finely tuned as possible. To a lot of people though, the mastering process of a song happens almost right after mixing during the same session, or after the engineer takes the final mix home with them that night due to budget constraints. Many mixers for this reason have to rely on more budget friendly programs that they can open up at the convenience of their laptop.

TC Electronic just pulled back the curtain on a whole new desktop software app to aid the at-home mastering engineer in this crucially delicate task. Finalizer, from TC Electronic, can be installed on any computer, and loaded up with a final mix to work on. Straight away from there, it offers tools like a full-spectrum frequency analyzer, a mastering compressor and limiter, and a few highly detailed meters. One to keep an eye on how strong or delicate your compression is affecting your mix, as well as a loudness meter to keep your mastering level right in the sweet spot.

If you are a person who is very particular about what compressors or other effects you use during the mastering stage, unfortunately you may have to wait a bit, because Finalizer does keep your options limited to what is included with the app, and the software is unfortunately not currently available as a plugin for your DAW. But keep your eyes peeled, as this may become an option sometime in the future!

With that said, if you think the TC Electronic Finalizer is the mastering suite app you’ve been missing in your workflow, you can grab it for yourself right here, and it is available at a starting price of just $99, which gives you half off of the actual price of $199. So act quickly before that price jumps back up, and let us know how it works out for you!