Add a touch of high-end shimmer with SSL Fusion Violet EQ Plugin

Closing out a great year of additions to its Fission plugins, SSL dropped a shelving EQ which shines best when used subtly. Fission Violet EQ is the company’s latest two-band EQ plugin that performs best tending to minor blemishes. So without further ado, let’s dive into this new Fission plugin from SSL, and see everything it has to offer.

SSL Fusion Violet EQ Plugin

As described by Solid State Logic, “The Violet EQ is a 2-band minimum phase-shift shelving EQ from the critically acclaimed Fusion Stereo Analogue Colour processor.” Further adding, “It is the first new Solid State Logic analogue EQ design in more than 25 years.” Right off the bat, SSL’s introduction of Violet EQ colors us impressed (no pun intended). At the front end, users can adjust the input trim using +/- 12dB of gain. An initial high-pass filter can be engaged at either 30, 40, or 50Hz settings.

Violet’s two band EQ sits directly in the middle, and use stationary frequency selections. On the low end, users can adjust at either 30, 50, 70, or 90Hz, using +/- 9dB of freedom. Looking further up the spectrum, the high-end band consists of the same, at frequencies of 8, 12, 16, or 20kHz. Finally, SSL chose to incorporate its rising “FAT” button in its latest plugin. When the HPF is engaged, “FAT” adds an extra bump around the cut-off frequency, adding some extra low-end boost.

SSL’s Fusion Violet EQ rings up at $199, but from now until January 13th, you can pick it up discounted at $149. Overall, while we are familiar with SSL’s supreme product quality, this does stand out as a steep price to us. Even if it does sound incredible, for a standalone software EQ, even its discounted price feels a bit much for the features it provides, when compared to similar products. However you swing it though, Fusion Violet EQ is available right now direct from SSL, or at online dealers worldwide. To learn even more about Fission Violet EQ, or SSL’s other products, check out its company website.