iZotope’s Vocal Doubler plugin gives your vocals some extra oomph for free

iZotope Vocal Doubler

Looking for a free plugin? iZotope, the infamous company known among audio engineers for its many plug-ins including the ‘Rx’ line of editing and noise reduction packages, just released a brand new vocal doubler plugin. The plug-in, simply titled “Vocal Doubler”, will help you apply a warm, rich chorus effect to mix in with any individual vocal track within your project. And here’s the exciting part — it’s available for free.

The iZotope Vocal Doubler has a very straightforward and simple user interface. A circle stands right in the middle of the plug-in screen, sporting iZotope’s signature burnt orange brand color, and contains a visual display of waved lines which change around the perimeter depending on your amount and style of modulation, resembling that of a clock face with a single hand.

At the top of the plug-in stands a standard bypass button, and a button which, when clicked, sends you to a website containing vocal tips. The bottom left corner contains percentage indicators for ‘Separation’ and ‘Value’ of your vocal doubling effect. To adjust the level of separation between your vocal and its double, you drag the point at the tip of the ‘clock hand’ in towards the center for a lower value, or out towards the perimeter for a higher value. To adjust the value level or tone of your chorus effect, once again grab that point and bring it from the 12 o’clock position (0% value) and drag it around towards the 6 o’clock position (100% value), or anywhere in between to achieve your perfect tone. The Vocal Doubler plug-in also contains a mix knob, to adjust the level of effect that will be applied to the incoming signal.

Pricing…Or Lack Thereof

iZotope Vocal Doubler, as mentioned above, is available online through iZotope.com for free, with just one catch. The only price to pay for this signature iZotope vocal double is to register an account on their website, or log-in if you already have one. Go grab it for yourself today!