Beatskillz’ RetroVOLT plugin combines sampling with synthesizers

During the time we’re in right now, we could all use a unique plugin that truly puts our creative muscles to use. We’ve seen software synths and sample editors come and go, especially in recent months. But Indian plugin company Beatskillz has just launched its newest product that brings both worlds together. This comes in the form of “RetroVOLT,” a self-proclaimed ‘sample-sizer’ that lets you load your own samples, and adjust them as if they were a synth.

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Beatskillz’ RetroVOLT plugin, on the front end, provides two slots, A and B, to load up your preferred samples. Once on deck, users can control initial parameters like volume, pan, unison, and tuning to each sample. A vibrato feature can also be engaged, with speed and depth parameters to adjust individually as well. After this, your samples move into its dedicated envelope, where attack, decay, sustain, and release can be perfectly dialed-in. Finally, each sample moves through a set of filters that can be loaded, or saved. Here, the cutoff and resonance of each sample can be adjusted, along with the filters’ specific attack, decay, sustain, and release times. On board as well, are 10 available effects that can be loaded up and applied to your final sound. And of course, at first launch, RetroVOLT brings a huge library of over 500 presets to choose from.

At first glance it’s apparent that someone could easily spend hours with RetroVOLT — especially with all of this time on our hands. All of its included features definitely encourage extended hours of use to bring out the best of it. Beatskillz’ RetroVOLT has a market price set at $99, however it is now running a promotional, introductory price of just $59. This can be downloaded as either a VST, AAX, or AU plugin from the Beatskillz’ website, where you can also visit to learn even more about this exciting new product.