If you can guess what Behringer is making with its new PCB design, you’ll win it

Behringer PCB Design Guessing Game

Behringer is posing a challenge for one lucky winner. In a post on its Facebook page, Behringer uploaded a screenshot of a printed circuit board (PCB) design with no other visible text or clues. Stating in the post that whoever can successfully decode this design and conclude the synth product being developed first, will win themselves one for free. Additionally, the company noted in the post that whatever it is, will be a “monster synth.” So regardless if whether or not anyone is able to clue it in from the circuit design, we know we have something brand new to look forward to.

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On the post itself, we do get a glimpse at some arrows on the PCB design itself, as well as some shooting off-frame. This leads us to believe that there is some vital information we are being left in the dark to as to what this synth could end up being. Also, the component slots are buried pretty small, and fairly blurred inside of the screenshot. However, it does seem from first glance that a pitch bend & mod wheel are present at the bottom left corner. While this doesn’t really weed much out in the world of synthesizers, it’s at least something to work off of, and about as far as we could deduce.

If you happen to be experienced in the world of synth design, PCB design, or better yet both, maybe you’ll have a better shot at this challenge. You may get a free “monster” synth out of it, and the rest of us will applaud you as we find out what new product awaits us in the coming months.