Arturia PolyBrute is the latest powerhouse synth of 2020

Throughout the year so far, we’ve seen quite a few synth releases across many different companies, like Akai and Behringer. So far, the common denominator across most has been fitting many components into a small, portable housing. While it’s true that we’ve seen this from Arturia as well lately, such as its recent MicroFreak Vocoder, its more recent synth is anything but small. Arturia has just announced the launch of PolyBrute, a morphing analog polysynth that packs a whole lot on deck.

Arturia PolyBrute Features

As the name suggests, the new PolyBrute from Arturia is quite the massive synthesizer. It houses a wide range of 61 keys, and can support the use of up to to six voices simultaneously. The voices can be used both polyphonically, or in split or layered modes. Additionally, each individual voice packs a lot on board as well. Including two wave-shaping VCOs, a noise generator, three envelope generators, three LFOs, a low-pass ladder filter, and enhanced Steiner filters.

Another new feature is the 3D touchpad with a beautiful wood finish, located just to the left of the keyboard. Named the ‘Morphée,’ the pad acts as a new control for features such as patch morphing, or sequence randomization. The pitch and modulation wheels sit just above the Morphée, and the entire PolyBrute seems to adapt the same wood finish, as well as a navy paint job on the rest of the chassis. Overall, this gives Arturia’s newest synth a very classy, professional look.

Of course, there’s quite a long list of more internal features to learn about Arturia’s PolyBrute. All of which are laid out in full detail on Arturia’s website. Wooden legs are available for users who want them, however they will cost an extra $249. With that said though, that might not be too much to ask anyways, as Arturia has listed PolyBrute at a whopping $2,899. While this is certainly no small fee, it seems to be quite fair and in-line with the rest of Arturia’s products. If you’re ready to jump in and make the leap, you can buy Arturia’s PolyBrute for yourself at the link below.

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