NAMM 2021: IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro models provide a much needed value

IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro

Now that 2021 is here, the world has collectively been attempting a fresh start. Along with that, of course, comes some spring cleaning — out with the old, in with the new. As we’ve seen before, IK Multimedia is certainly no stranger to this concept. For many years now, the company has been constantly innovating new designs to fit our ever-changing industry.

So, it’s no question its product to kick off the year had to come in hot. And there’s nothing hotter than a new type of synthesizer that sits on your desktop, slashing prices left and right? The new IK Multimedia Uno Synth models do just that. Highly effective synthesizer access at a price most can afford.

IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro Models

These brand new synths come in two varieties: The Uno Synth Pro, and Uno Synth Pro Desktop. As the names suggest, the standard version is larger, spanning 37-keys. Where the Synth Pro Desktop’s key-bed falls just short of that. However, it maintains all the same functionality as its twin, with added ultra-portability.

Developed in collaboration with the Italian boutique synth-maker Soundmachines, both companies made sure to leave nothing behind. The Uno Synth Pros effectively take everything from its preceding Uno Synth, and expand on them. IK Multimedia loaded these units ready with dual-filter, 3-oscillator engines. Not only that, but both have on-board 64-step sequencers, studio-grade effects, expanded connections and a whole lot more.

Despite their looks, these synths really pack a whallop. A whopping 256 presets stand at the ready out of the box, all editable. Both models’ I/O are spread across the back. Featuring a microUSB cable for computer connectivity, stereo CV/Gate ins and outs, an 1/8″ audio input, and 1/8″ headphone port. Finally, MIDI I/O and stereo 1/4″ outs to the far right.

Although it was announced pretty early in the year, early even for NAMM, IK Multimedia is just about ready to roll these out. The new Uno Synth Pro and Synth Pro Desktop are prepared to start shipping within the coming weeks. Better yet is the pricing. The Uno Synth Pro sits at an MSRP of $649, where the Desktop is available for just $399. Considering everything they offer, that price is pretty shocking. To learn more about these new products, or to pre-order one directly, head over to IK Multimedia’s website. Here, you can also find a list of dealers near you, if you prefer to wait for an in-person experience.