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Martin Guitars SC-13E

NAMM 2020: Martin Guitars introduces groundbreaking SC-13E acoustic

Amidst the ever-growing news erupting out of NAMM 2020, Martin Guitars released an all-new acoustic model that is sure to turn some heads. Combining electric neck playability with the unmistakeable Martin acoustic tone, the SC-13E delivers a product that’s sure to turn some heads.

The new neck design is what truly sets the Martin SC-13E aside from other acoustics of its type. A unique taper that runs across the entire neck becomes slightly harsher at around the 13th fret, with another cut at the top, to comfortably accomodate the the player’s thumb to either rest, or fret a string. This design is what gives the guitar a more electric-like neck feel. Where players were struggling before to effectively reach higher frets to play, the SC-13E makes up for it by providing more room.

The individuality of the Martin SC-13E certainly doesn’t stop there. The neck, in fact, is built in such a way that it can even be removed entirely and swapped. This is accomplished using Martin’s famed ‘dovetail’ method, which eliminates all bolts and glue joints. An extra resonant hole was included on that joint, to make up for, and emphasize any lack of tone that may cause.

According to Martin Guitars, the SC-13E will rock an initial street price of $1,499, which actually isn’t so bad considering the guitar’s quality. Knowing this, we’re looking forward to seeing what other news will arrive from Martin Guitars as the weekend progresses. Additionally, it’s exciting to see the company continuing to innovate and progress into modern design styles, and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about the SC-13E guitar, you can head to the Martin website here. Otherwise, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for other information, such as a release date and availability.

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