MOTU releases Digital Performer 10, a great workstation for the digital producer

Digital Performer 10

One of the exciting announcements that was made right at the starting gun of NAMM 2019 was a brand new version of the flagship DAW from MOTU — Digital Performer 10. MOTU has been releasing versions of Digital Performer ever since its original release in 1990. Since then, producers and engineers from many walks of life have definitely embraced the software for its intuitive layout, especially for electronic producers who also want to take their creations to the stage. With Digital Performer 10, we get some exciting new features that will make the perfect track even more accessible. Here’s a run down of some of those exciting new features.

Clips Window

The newly added clips window in Digital Performer 10 contains a series of empty cells on any given track that are designed especially for live performances. Users can drag samples to the empty cells, which then get cued for playback and then loop until the next track on deck is ready to go. The clips window is also great for mapping those samples to a MIDI contoller and triggering them when needed.

Stretch Audio

The stretch audio feature in the new MOTU Digital Performer workstation is powered by ZTX Pro technology, and allows the user an intelligent new way to stretch their samples and move anchor points to achieve the perfect feel. All of this, while maintaining a great audio integrity throughout.

VCA Faders

Another great feature that was added to Digital Performer 10, and effectively brings it into the modern mixing world is the inclusion of VCA Faders. With this new feature, users can now group any tracks to a given VCA fader to adjust the group’s volume as a whole while maintaining relative levels throughout. Users can create as many VCA groups as they want, and can even create subgroups by assigning a VCA to control another VCA.

While those are the primary new features of Digital Performer 10 from MOTU, some other features include a redesigned Content Browser, VST3 plug-in support, and a 5GB sound bank with a giant library of software instruments to choose from. While it’s safe to say that a lot of these new features with Digital Performer 10 are ones that can already be found through some more popular DAWs like Ableton Live 10, this is a great way for the company to take Digital Performer to the next level. This also now gives some current users a chance to use these features for the first time, which is definitely a plus. If you want to learn more about Digital Performer 10, go check out MOTU’s website. And if you’re ready to buy it for yourself, check out the links below.

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