NAMM 2020: Universal Audio announces new Luna Recording System

Thus far at NAMM 2020, we’ve had quite a lot of companies coming forward with new products they’ve been hiding under wraps to reveal this weekend. One of those big names, it turns out, was none other than Universal Audio. The team at UA have been definitely making some big moves, especially since announcing its brand new line of Apollo X interfaces just a few months ago. But it appears that even through all of that, the company had something else ready to uncover in the months ahead, and its name is Luna.

Luna is an all-in-one analog sound recording system, that incorporates capturing very high quality digital audio through its Apollo interfaces, and recording it all in-house. The system incorporates a built-in summing system from Neve, delivering the same integrity and coloration that you might find recording through a real Neve console. Afterwords, the signal gets routed through a Studer tape machine-like, all-new multitrack DAW, delivering the truly warm, saturated sound that a machine like that brings, if desired. Finally, in addition to all of this, Universal Audio‘s new library of Luna instruments will also provide a wider range of tools and emulators from companies like Moog to put the finishing touch on any track.

Universal Audio’s Luna Recording System will be released as free-to-use for current and future Apollo interface owners. This is especially exciting news for the recording world, as it just about eliminates any other need to purchase an external DAW. Thanks to Luna, you will now have everything you might need by simply purchasing your Apollo interface. UA Luna is expected to launch officially in Spring of 2020, and while we do not have an exact date yet, the Universal Audio website seems to be teasing that more information on Luna will arrive soon. So until then, we’ll keep our eyes and ears on alert for all of you.