Martin Retro D-18E

Martin Retro D-18E

Martin is arguably the most respected name when it comes to acoustic guitars. Ever since they started making guitars in 1833, they have been dedicated to quality. Fast foreword to now, and Martin is paying homage to some to their classic guitar models by remaking them. This is where the Martin Retro D-18E comes in. the Retro D-18E is a remake of Martins classic D-18, which was originally made in 1937.

Martin D-18E

And the Retro D-18E certainly does hold a hold of that classic aura to it, whether that be from the 30’s style bridge, or the classic vintage style tuners. However this is of course not the same guitar that was made in the 1930’s.

The Retro series features electronics that are completely new and different. Essentially, the classic Martin guitars of the 30’s and 40’s were recorded under the guidance of producer Bill VornDick, using his collection of rare and boutique microphones, many of which also dated back to the 1930’s. The recordings were then turned into a software that could be read by the Fisherman preamps that are installed in the guitars. Without going into too much detail about the electronics and how it all works, basically this is the closest thing we’ve gotten to “acoustic time travel”, offering the classic sound of Martin guitars from the 30’s, while retaining the playability of more recent guitars.

Overall these guitars are Martin guitars. You can’t go too wrong with Martin. I love the concept behind this particular series of guitars. The Martin D-18E is the guitar for you if you want that classic Martin sound.