Keeley Electronics’ new Vintage Octave Fuzz II guitar pedal sold out in hours

If you are a fan of full-body fuzz guitar tones and pedals — and especially ones that are extremely limited and rare to find — look no further than Keeley Electronics. On December 28th, the company released one of its most limited runs of guitar pedals to date with the brand new Keeley Electronics Vintage Octave Fuzz II.

This pedal comes complete in a very basic but strong stainless silver package, which provides it an almost robotic design that visually compliments the tone very nicely as well. In a video posted on the company’s YouTube channel, the pedal’s different tonalities and aspects are shown off in a very pleasant way. To showcase the pedal’s average amount of fuzz, the guitarist performs the guitar part of “Over and Over and Over” by Jack White, who is obviously no stranger to this kind of guitar sound. The video then moves on to highlight some of the new pedal’s lighter crunchy distortion tones and finally wraps up by adjusting the pedals settings to display the more extreme end of fuzz that the Vintage Octave Fuzz II is capable of.

Unfortunately, the Keeley Electronics Vintage Octave Fuzz II was released and deemed out of stock within a few hours of its official announcement, given the fact that Keeley Electronics only produced a total of 20 units of the Vintage Octave Fuzz II, all signed, numbered and hand built. The 20 boxes were set online at a price of just $299, which was marked down price from $349. So, unfortunately, unless you happen to be one of the lucky 20 who heard the news and snagged your stompbox early, you most likely will not be able to grab one for your own pedalboard — at least not anytime soon. Of course, if the company does happen to release more units in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can check out Keeley Electronics’ other offerings on Amazon here, or Guitar Center here.