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TC Electronic Ampworx Lineup

TC Electronic is already launching three new Ampworx pedals

TC Electronic may have just launched its first batch of Ampworx pedals, but already it’s back with a fresh set. The company has announced three new pedals in the Ampworx lineup, designed to give you the power of the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, Peavey 5150, and Marshall JCM800, straight from your pedalboard.

The pedals each cost $149, which is pretty incredible value for what you get. Here’s a look at each pedal.

TC Electronic Ampworx Dual Wreck

Interestingly, TC Electronic has incorporated features not found in the original amps. For instance, the Dual Wreck has a “Tight” control to manage the low end, and there’s a pre and post-boost switch. All three pedals also have a universal presence control at the back, allowing users to adjust brightness and warmth according to preference.

TC Electronic Ampworx JIMS 800

The JIMS 800, reminiscent of the iconic ’80s sound, might be the most enticing of the bunch. TC Electronic has recognized the treble bleed modification some JCM800 enthusiasts made, and they’ve adjusted theirs to produce a warmer sound. Its second channel introduces a slight gain, just enough to enhance the sound without straying too far from the original.

TC Electronic Ampworx V550

The V550 comes with a boost circuit, featuring both pre and post modes, similar to the other pedals. It mirrors the original amp with its Green and Red clean and drive channels. Users have the flexibility to either toggle the popular Red channel or switch between the two channels.

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