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EarthQuaker Devices Ledger Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine

The new EarthQuaker Devices Ledger Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine puts your playing in three new dimensions

Say hello to the Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine, the latest brainchild of EarthQuaker Devices. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill reverb pedal. It’s a compact, feature-packed powerhouse that brings together the three key types of ambience – room, hall, and plate – and lets you save your favourite sounds as presets.

The beauty of this pedal lies in its versatility. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of ambience to your electric guitar tone or experiment with wilder soundscapes, the Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine has got you covered. And the best part? You can save these tones as presets.

Switching between the three modes is as easy as flipping a toggle switch. You’ve got knobs for Length, Damping, and Mix (to tweak the reverb level). There’s also a six-way rotary dial for saving and recalling presets. It’s all pretty straightforward.

Like the other pedals in EearthQuaker’s lineup, Ledges comes with Flexi-Switch Technology for momentary or latching operation. It’s buffered bypass and runs on 9V DC from a pedalboard power supply.

The Room reverb mode is named after the space it’s trying to replicate. It’s the smallest reverb option, and you can set it from a “boxy” sound to a larger room setting that puts the verb more front and center. The Hall mode gives you a bit more wiggle room on the Length dial, and cranking it up will give your reverb a cathedral-like bloom – “big, boomy and echoey with distant reflections,” as EQD puts it.

The Plate mode can create some really cool effects as you turn the Length dial clockwise. You can crank it up for “bouncy reflections that recycle and reverberate forever”, or use it for a bright reverb that you can fine-tune with the Damping control.

The Ledges pedal can be used in two modes: Live Mode, where the pedal sounds exactly as the controls suggest, and Preset Mode, where you can disregard the controls and just use your perfectly-created presets.

There are six presets in total, and you can get even more control over the pedal by hooking up an expression pedal. Each preset lets you use the expression pedal to control different parameters.

The price tag is $199 and it’s available now. For more info, check out the EarthQuaker Devices website, or head to Reverb to buy it for yourself.

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