TC Electronic Magus Pro delivers a new type of analog distortion

TC Electronic has built up a strong reputation as builders of affordable effects units that stand up against formidable competitors. For a while though, we hadn’t heard much from the Danish developers. However, we now know that TC has been hard at work on its latest product — a distortion pedal called Magus Pro. Here’s the full layout on this exiting new stompbox, and everything one can expect to hear on the other end.

TC Electronic Magus Pro

Magus Pro, first and foremost, stands out as a new provider of high-gain analog distortion for your guitar rig. TC Electronic described using a “specially designed circuit to recreate the classic slow slew of the infamous LM308 op-amp.” The specific chip in mind was used for many years in the early production stages of the ProCo Rat, now making its vintage units more sought-after. Here, while the company didn’t use the chip in mind, it tweaked the Magus Pro’s circuitry as close as possible.

Setup wise, the Magus Pro could not be easier to use. Aside from the expected input/output jacks and stomp switch I/O, this distortion box uses a simple three-knob system. Across the top are its gain and master volume knobs, which both stand fairly self-explanatory. Additionally, its third ‘filter’ knob adjusts the unit’s hi-cut filter to the users preference. In an effort to add an additional level of uniqueness to Magus Pro, TC also added a fourth switch component off to the side. This switch allows players to select their preferred distortion ‘clipping behaviors,’ between ‘fat,’ ‘classic,’ and ‘turbo’. For a great overview and sonic demonstration of the Magus Pro, check out the promo video from TC Electronic above.

Overall, this pedal seems to be a great way for users to dial in RAT-style distortion, without breaking the bank. In this spirit, TC Electronic has set a retail price of $59 on the Magus Pro, and it’s available to buy across dealers worldwide. To read up even more on Magus Pro before you dive in, check out its product page on TC Electronic’s website.