Ibanez unveils Flanger Mini, Tremolo Mini, and Echo Shifter guitar pedals

Ibanez Flanger Mini, Echo Shifter, Tremolo Mini

If you’re an Ibanez fan looking for more effects pedals to add to your board, you may not need to look much longer. With NAMM 2020 right around the corner, Ibanez has decided to reveal a few new products a little earlier. The company gave us a sneak peek at three of its newest upcoming guitar pedals, the Echo Shifter, Flanger Mini, and Tremolo Mini. Here’s what we know so far about the latest planned stompboxes from Ibanez.

Flanger Mini / Tremolo Mini

Both the new Flanger Mini and Tremolo Mini from Ibanez are quite small in stature, but we’re sure they’ll provide quite the sound. The Flanger Mini has a warm, yellow finish of paint, and the standard input and output jacks on either side. You can push either of two buttons at the top to engage ‘depth,’ or ‘regen,’ and adjust the speed of your flange with a knob that sits front and center.

The set up of the Tremolo Mini is the same as its twin. However, this box has a dark blue finish, with the two buttons at the top now set to engage ‘wave,’ and ‘speed. The big knob at the center of the Tremolo unit can be turned to control depth. Aside from that, these two pieces are pretty similar, and we’ll most certainly be getting new info about them once NAMM weekend hits.

Echo Shifter

The third installment in Ibanez’s new series of effects pedals, brings a time-based FX unit that looks pretty simple as well, but with more parameters to adjust. The Ibanez Echo Shifter pedal has a nice cream-colored finish to it that looks pretty retro, and circa-1980s. Two stomp-switches at the bottom can either toggle the ‘FX,’ with the other as a tap tempo or oscillator control. The Echo Shifter has a series of four knobs just above that, to select the ideal mix, depth, feedback, and speed times. Finally, a long-throw fader is right in the middle of that to find the perfect delay time, anywhere from ‘short’ to ‘long.’ Like the Flanger Mini and Tremolo Mini, we don’t have any more details on the Echo Shifter as of yet, but we hope to be able to try one out for ourselves very soon, and possibly even at NAMM 2020.