Blackstar’s ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 amp lets acoustic tones shine

In modern times with everyone mostly remaining indoors, people are picking up acoustic guitars more than ever. Furthermore, many of these musicians are attempting to find the best way to bring out those tones when live-streaming. Luckily, Blackstar is now here with a new acoustic amp that accomplishes just that. The ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 blends maintaining the best in acoustic sound, with modern implementations for the internet age. Here’s everything we know so far about what to expect from the Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 amplifier.


Right off the bat, there are many things that Blackstar incorporated that makes the ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 work for everyone. Musicians can utilize up to two inputs on the front end, a standard guitar input, as well as a combo-jack input. This will come in handy for anybody who commonly sings while they play. Gain knobs sit to the right of each of these inputs to adjust input signal. In terms of EQ on board, the guitar input has simple low and high knobs, where the combo input also includes the option to tweak mid frequencies. Finally, both inputs can have reverb added as well, with an additional chorus option for input 1.

The back-end though is where the Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 truly gets interesting. Aside from the typical main output knob, users can also apply a global phase control, helping tame any unwanted feedback. Even more notable is its newly-included USB-mini output jack. This expands on the amp’s abilities, turning it into an interface as well. This USB port spits out four channels. Channels one and two operate as the main stereo L & R outputs. Whereas three and four can be used to send an extra pair of DI signals to your software, pertaining to each of the ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 input channels. Two 1/8″ jacks also make an appearance, one for a standard aux input, and the other for a line out, or headphone port. Topping all of this off is yet another 1/4″ input for an optional footswitch.

Blackstar’s ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 is now available worldwide for purchase, and will cost a mere $199 for US customers. It’s affordability tops off the list of its many perks, and we can definitely foresee this amp becoming a commodity in the near future. For more information on the ACOUSTIC:CORE 30, and to see a complete list of dealers, check out it’s product page on Blackstar’s website.