Add clarity to your master bus with the Rupert Neve Designs MBC converter

Rupert Neve Designs MBC

Of all modern-day audio manufacturers, there’s one thing that can be said for certain. Rupert Neve Designs can be trusted to create products of extreme quality and value, every time without fail. Although it maintains a fairly hands-off approach towards releasing regular products, this has always proven to be a good thing. Now, Rupert Neve and his team have perfected the latest product to come from the company, the Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Converter (MBC). While RND created the MBC to function as a truly high-quality analog-to-digital converter, its other features really make it shine.

Master Bus Converter Features

At face value, the MBC from Rupert Neve Designs provides two channels of super clean audio conversion. A pair of combo XLR / 1/4″jacks appear on the back of the unit for the input signal. Right next to those is the digital output section, with options for either AES3, or optical and coaxial S/PDIF connections. Two small switches allow users to turn on a meter peak hold function for the LED meters at the front, for either one or three seconds. Its final set of I/O jacks are for an optional word clock connection.

At the conversion stage, the MBC can run signal either with a clean, transformer-less path, or add a transformer for some slight color. When selected, the coupled interstage transformer path can also have variable red and blue silk saturation. Additionally, each the company loaded each channel with its own active-release limiter. Users can use the limiters as either a stereo relationship, or individually. As far as meters, the output signal meters appear as a 22 light meter, for an in-depth experience. Whereas the limiter can be monitored using a series of eight LEDs, to keep an eye on gain reduction.

Whether utilizing the Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Converter to print mixes in the studio, or sum to a 2-buss during live shows, it maintains quality throughout. Of course, for a truly top-shelf crystal audio experience such as this, this box is not going to go cheap. The MBP is now shipping to dealers worldwide, at a market price of $3,999. But for two channels of powerful A/D conversion at the hands of Rupert Neve and his team, it’ll be hard to disappoint any buyer.