TC Electronic announces TC8210-DT reverb hardware/software hybrid unit at AES 2018

TC Electronic TC8210-DT

The 2018 AES (Audio Engineering Society) meetup is one of the yearly prime events for gear companies and manufacturers to come together, set up a booth, and put the pieces of gear that until then were kept secret, on bright display. Among the crowd, TC Electronic’s appearance definitely did just that by revealing two amazing and exciting new hardware & software hybrid units. The TC8210-DT reverb plugin and remote, as well as the TC1210-DT which is a chorus and stereo spatial expander, which we also covered here.


The TC Electronic TC8210-DT reverb is designed to deliver TC Electronic’s classic reverb tone to any desired track, with an extra hardware unit for more tactile control than a standalone plugin can provide. The audio processing of the TC1210-DT is all internal through the software and DAW. Therefore the hardware unit acts essentially as a desktop remote control to the plugin, including features like LED volume monitors and buttons to control features such as delay time, coloration, modulation, bypass, and filters. The software plugin to the TC8210-DT, again, acts as the powerhouse of the entire party. Within it are much more intuitive reverb parameter controls than the basics provided within the hardware, including different reverb types such as plates, halls, chambers, and much more! The TC8210-DT hardware remote is also powered and run entirely by USB.


The TC Electronic TC8210-DT reverb is the perfect reverb unit for producers and engineers working in at-home or smaller studio environments. With its state-of-the-art design, user-friendly interface, classic TC Electronic brand of reverb tone, and incredible affordability with a minimum advertised price of just $100, this reverb unit is sure to gain some major popularity within the market. Since this is a brand new release, the TC82010-DT is not yet publicly available — but is expected to drop by the end of this year.