SSL announces the SSL Fusion, its first all-in-one processor of its kind in 25 years

SSL announces the SSL Fusion, its first all-in-one processor of its kind in 25 years

SSL has taken the wraps off of a brand new all-in-one processor called the SSL Fusion, a hardware unit that acts as the first release of its kind from the company in 25 years.

The Fusion contains five distinct color processors which can be used as standalone, or combined in any way to achieve the perfect tone for your mix:

Violet EQ

With four selectable frequencies across two bands of equalization, the Violet EQ is a great tool for any instrument, but subtle enough to use even on your mix bus if you so choose, and has an amplitude range of +/- 9db. The company describes the violet EQ as “musical and intuitive”.

Vintage Drive

The Vintage Drive on the new SSL Fusion is intuitively made for you to drive the perfect flavor of extra energy to your mix element. It contains two separate controls for ‘Drive’ and ‘Density’ and a 3-led indicator to let you know when you’ve got it just right.

High Frequency Compressor

The High Frequency Compressor brings a back-to-basics analog circuit approach to your track by providing a very smooth sounding level of compression that focuses solely on the high end of the frequency spectrum. It comes complete with an attenuator dial from 3k-20k and another 3-led indicator.


The SSL Fusion’s Transformer is a simple button, which when pushed adds beef and saturation to the low end while shifting your high end to add even more analog color to the signal as decided by you.

Stereo Image

The stereo image function on the Fusion is it’s own mid-side processor right within your reach. This allows you to adjust the depth and width of your stereo image in a way that pan knobs alone can not do.

The SSL Fusion’s starting price is currently listed at $2,495.99. It will be available for shipping later this year, but orders can be placed on both the Solid State Logic website, or through Vintage King Audio.