Soundbrenner’s new “Core” musicians smartwatch met its Kickstarter goal in 14 minutes

Soundbrenner Core

Soundbrenner, a powerful and innovative new music gear startup company based out of Hong Kong and Berlin has just announced a follow-up product to its debut “Pulse”, a watch or strap-like device you wear, that delivers vibration pulses of variable intensity to act as a metronome during performances. Now, Soundbrenner is back with a new offering — the Soundbrenner Core.

Soundbrenner introduced Core to the world through a campaign on Kickstarter to raise creation and distribution funds, and subsequently met its goal within 14 minutes and surpassed it by 400% within 12 hours. The Soundbrenner Core is a similar type of smartwatch that is packed with even more features that musicians need and use every day. The company describes their new product as the “musician’s swissknife”.


Soundbrenner Core Features

Soundbrenner Core Features

The Soundbrenner Core includes the classic metronome feature that was previously introduced with the Pulse, and now includes features such as a tuner for stringed or other melodic instruments. The new watch also includes features such as a rhythm coach for practicing, a decibel monitor and alarm that notifies the user if volume levels are too high, a setlist playback (also for performances), and a watch face and date display for downtime.


Soundbrenner Core Models

Soundbrenner Core Models

The brand-new watch comes in two distinct models, The Soundbrenner Core, and Soundbrenner Core Steel. Both watches have the exact same functions but come with different casings and accessories. The Core’s face is created with polycarbonate aluminum, while the Core Steel is cased in a sleek looking stainless steel, with a matte gray finish as well as a genuine leather band. The watch straps on either model are interchangeable and can be ordered directly from Soundbrenner as well.

When pre-ordered, both models will ship with one watch strap made of silicone (Core) or Italian leather (Core Steel). Also included are a magnetic charging cable and contact piece, a set of Soundbrenner earplugs and a body strap. Accessories that come exclusively with the Core Steel are an additional silicone watch strap and a carrying pouch.

Both models also are advertised as containing a 3-day battery life, are splash-proof, and each come with a 1-year warranty through Soundbrenner.


The Soundbrenner Core and Core Steel are currently continuing to raise funds in their Kickstarter campaign. They have sold out of ‘first-bird’ discounted Core models, and have a very limited remaining quantity of discounted Core Steel models for supporters at just $199.

Although not clearly specified by Soundbrenner as of yet, regular pricing appears to be advertised as such on the Kickstarter page as $229 for the Soundbrenner Core and $329 for the Soundbrenner Core Steel.

Head here to get the Soundbrenner Core for yourself, or head here to check out the company’s older Soundbrenner Pulse, which is still available on Amazon.