Overloud releases COMP670, a plug-in homage to the vintage Fairchild 670 compressor

Overloud COMP670

For the producer or engineer yearning for the warmth and analog feel of a vintage vacuum-tube compressor/limiter like the classic 670 from Fairchild at a price that will make you feel as though you’ve committed a crime — your wait is now over. Italian company Overloud Audio Tools has just answered those prayers by unleashing its newest plug-in, the Overloud COMP670.


The Overloud COMP670 comes straight from the mold of the Fairchild 670, a vintage outboard compressor/limiter that was utilized throughout many of the most high-end recording and mixing studios after its release in the 1950s. It produces a “hyper-realistic” simulation of the original device. Included are features like parallel compression, soft-knee and hard-knee selection and it is also sidechain capable with built-in filters. Another interesting feature of this plug-in is its ability to allow the user to calibrate the inputs of its VU meters to their own standards, and its integration of A/B comparison monitoring.

Just like the Fairchild compressor, on the Overloud COMP670, the engineer can also stereo link or unlink the input gain, threshold, output level and sidechain filter controls. The compressor/limiter’s overall tone can also be selected from hardware units sampled in three studio environments — London, Los Angeles and Milan. Along with these, Overloud also included many features that are unique to most plug-ins you’d find on the market including scribble strips which can be placed as notes anywhere on the plugin’s face.


With all of the complex features and intuitive design that come with this brand new plugin from Overloud, one would think they would have to shell out top-dollar for this emulated vintage 670 tone. Fortunately, this is certainly not the case — right now, Overloud has the COMP670 advertised on its website at €129 (147.17), but because it is so new, the company has it set at a promotional price of just €79 ($90.11). If vintage tube compression is something you’ve been after for some time, now is your chance to grab a taste of it for a very discounted price — so act fast!