IK Multimedia is back with the iKlip 3 series tablet mounts for mic stands

IK Multimedia is certainly no stranger to quality tablet mounts, attachable to mic stands for musicians, videographers, and other big media industry professionals whose iPads are crucial to their work and needs access without having to hold onto them. Back in the early 2010s, IK Multimedia announced and released its original grip mount for iPad users who, for example, kept finding themselves performing at a gig but were tired of having to find an extra chair to set their tablets down on to read from — ultimately distracting them from the task at hand. Eventually in 2013, after continuing to sell the original iKlip model like hotcakes, it improved upon its features and overall reliability by releasing the iKlip 2. Now, 6 years after, IK Multimedia is back once again with not just one brand new and improved iKlip including a series of 3 ways to buy it.

Introducing the iKlip 3 Stage, iKlip 3 Video, and iKlip 3 Deluxe packages. The differences between them are is very subtle, yet also quite important in order to ensure you will truly get the most out of the product or bundle you need the most:

iKlip 3 Stage

The classic iKlip 3 looks very similar to a small, spring-loaded car vent clip to hold your smartphone. Except it is specifically designed to fit iPads & other tablets ranging in size from 7″ to 12.1.” It is designed to bracket onto the necks of microphone stands.

iKlip 3 Video

The iKlip 3 video’s features are the exact same as the iKlip 3 mentioned above, except for the fact that it is specifically designed to mount to a camera tripod, for videographers’ use.

iKlip 3 Deluxe

Finally, the iKlip 3 Deluxe is simply a package in which you can receive both the iKlip 3 Stage as well as the Video model. This bundle is best for those who use their iPad or other tablets just as much when performing, as they do during a video shoot.


IK Multimedia only recently launched the iKlip 3 models, and they’re available from the IK Multimedia website, or from Guitar Center. The iKlip Stage and iKlip Video are both available for $50, and for both, the iKlip Deluxe is available for only a slightly higher price, at $70.