The new Propellerhead Reason Quad Note Generator extension is your new assistant composer

As an electronic musician, it is easy to get wrapped up in your own head when composing new melodies and harmonies. To some degree, playing around enough on your synthesizer or other piece of software instrument will get you what you want but sometimes the magic just isn’t there when it needs to be. Well, Propellerhead, the company who turned the world of electronic music making on its head after releasing its most notable product, Reason, back in 2001 is back with a brand new piece of software that is unlike anything else out on the market — the brand new Quad Note Generator.

The Propellerhead Quad Note Generator is a first-of-its-kind “rack extension” for the Reason digital audio workstation. In and of itself, it is not an instrument, but rather a tool one can attach to their synth to act as a new assistant composer in a way. The Quad Note Generator produces up to four different voices at a time, and each voice can be adjusted by key, rhythm and variation of how many steps are desired in a melody. Once the software runs, it automates itself and improvises in a way until the user hears a desired melody at which point the user can pause it and make any adjustments to either the base melody, or its harmonies. Other distinct features of the Propellerhead Quad Note Generator includes an output octave shifter with a range of 4 full octaves, as well as the ability for the user to switch between polyphonic or monophonic modes.

With all of these included features, this brand new rack extension unit serves as the perfect aid to writer’s block, or simply an electronic composer on the go who needs a fast melody to start from. The Propellerhead Quad Note Generator is available now on Propellerhead’s website for just $69, so make sure to grab it now to speed up your own process.