Midas Mixtender

Midas Mixtender

midas_mixtenderHowdy ho everyone. As you may know (or not, it’s all good) I’m a large fan of Midas products. Midas could make soap, and I would buy it. But one thing that never impressed me is the app for the pro series consoles. Although it was useful, it wasn’t everything people wanted it to be. BUT OH BOY GUESS WHAT?! They came out with a Mixtender version 1.2. This time, you can have access to your graphic EQ’s, VCA’s, channels, and meters. A cool thing that I read, is that if you don’t like your EQ, you can swipe to flatten it out and start new. I’m sure you XL8 users are like “But it sucks when we use it.” Well Midas says they fixed bugs and it’s now cool to use with the XL8. I’ve never ran an XL8, or the iPad app, but I trust them. I’m not putting pictures up, but I will put up the link to the app store so you can see for yourself. I know this post is a little lame, but if ya didn’t know then now ya know.




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