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SSL New 500 Series Units

SSL expands its 500 series family with UltraViolet EQ and Six Channel

For many years, Solid State Logic has had an exclusive set of products available in 500 series form. Included among this set were its widely popular G-Comp compressor, the E-Comp and E-EQ, and VHD+. In the years since however, SSL put out a palette of updated products, designed for the modern age. With its latest rush of new audio equipment, the company figured it was time to add a couple more members to the 500 series line, including the UltraViolet Stereo EQ and Six Channel outboard processors.

UltraViolet Stereo EQ

SSL UltraViolet EQ

The first new addition to the SSL lunchbox-friendly family is the UltraViolet Stereo EQ. This machinery directly borrows from the EQ portion of the circuitry included in its Fusion analog processor. This piece in particular is a bit heftier, taking up two rack spaces. But we’d wager it fair to say that you’ll be quite satisfied with the power it packs onboard. The UltraViolet features both low-pass, and high-pass filters at the top — each with sweepable frequency control. More towards the bottom sits the unit’s low-mid and high-mid bands. Additionally, it includes two ‘Focus’ buttons for precision band control. The Solid State Logic UltraViolet EQ will cost users $1,299 plus tax, which is not a bad price given SSL’s excellent reputation.

Six Channel Strip

SSL Six Channel Strip

The second new addition to Solid State Logic’s newest 500-series family is the Six Channel. This processor takes a chunk of design from the audio giants’ latest big release, the Six desktop mixer. Essentially, this unit operates as a full channel strip inside a much smaller package. On the front end, users get a gain control and phase switch, as well as a phantom power button and high-pass filter. Moving downwards to the channel EQ, users get two knobs controlling the high and low bands. Each one also gets a button next to it, which, when engaged, turns them into a bell rather than a shelf. Finally, the Six Channel compressor sits at the bottom just above its 1/4″ input jack. This compressor sports a single knob controlling its threshold level. The Six Channel 500 series unit is significantly less expensive than its counterpart, asking a mere $399 from interested buyers.

To learn more about either of the new products, or to find a list of dealers, please visit the SSL website.

Jimmy Byrne

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