Cover all music production bases with IK Multimedia’s Total Studio Max 3 bundle

For any musician or producer, it can be a timely and costly effort to build up your library to fit all your needs. Just locating and purchasing the right tools for the job alone can cost someone thousands of dollars over time. Now, IK Multimedia is here with a brand new bundle, Total Studio 3 Max, which may help relieve this need. With this new bundle, users will access a very hefty load of IK‘s most popular effects, plugins, software instruments, and more. Better yet, it’s all priced at an extremely affordable rate, given everything included.

IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 Max

Total Studio Max 3 is best described as an almost all-in-one bundle including tools fitting just about all producers’ needs. While it does not include a DAW, the features it does have are quite extraordinary. Instrument wise, IK Multimedia includes its SampleTank 4 MAX, Hammond B-3X, and Modo Drum among others. All together, this includes 14,600 instruments to use on any project. With that many instruments in one’s arsenal, we’d be shocked to find many people in need of more.

On the other hand, Total Studio 3 Max also includes a giant library of effects plugins as well. In this category, IK Multimedia included its popular Amplitube 5 Max, T-RackS 5 Max, MixBox, ARC 3, and Lurssen Mastering Console. All together these also cover every category, from dynamics processors to great sounding time-based effects. With all of these plugins on deck, of course IK Multimedia also made sure to load this bundle with a whole lot of presets. All together, IK Multimedia’s new Total Studio 3 Max bundle brings quite an impressive new offering. With all factors included, this purchase takes up over a whopping 440 GB of storage space on the computer. So space will definitely be something to consider before jumping into this purchase.

For those who have the space, this new bundle rings up at $900. Anybody who would prefer to receive Total Studio 3 Max on its own hard drive, will have to offer up another $50. Additionally, another form of this bundle includes a pair of iLoud studio monitors, for a grand total of $1000. Any way you swing it, this is a hugely affordable and impressive bundle, and we’re excited to see how it gains interest across the production community in the coming weeks. For more information, or to get your copy of Total Studio 3 Max, check out IK Multimedia’s website.