Here’s everything you need to know about Gibson’s entire 2019 lineup

Gibson Guitars

The new Gibson solid-body lineup is awesome. About that, there is no question. In fact, for 2019 Gibson launched two all-new guitar lineups — including the “Modern Collection” and the “Original Collection.” As the names suggest, the two collections offer a slightly different approach, with the Modern Collection offering some of the bells and whistles that Gibson has become known for over the past few years, and the Original Collection boasting some of the more classic design elements that most Gibson players will love.

But what guitar is right for you? Here’s a look at Gibson’s entire 2019 guitar lineup, including every guitar in the Modern and Original collections.

Original Collection

Looking for a guitar or bass that harkens back to simpler times? The Original Collection is worth looking at — and you can check out the Original Collection below.

Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s

Gibson Les Paul StandardWe all wish we could own an early Les Paul. For many players, the original “Burst” models of 1958-1960 are the ultimate guitars. Sadly, for most of us, the insane price tags on these vintage beauties make them entirely unobtainable. Gibson not only understands this dilemma, it has also offered us a solution. The Les Paul Standard 50’s is at its core, the 1959 Les Paul Standard.

Among the period correct hardware, the Standard 50’s Les Paul comes with the pointers indicating the position of the top hat knobs, the ABR-1 bridge system, and of course Alnico II magnet equipped BurstBuckers. Each of these beautiful guitars will have a distinct look due to the AA figured maple top. If it weren’t for the serial number, these guitars would be almost indistinguishable from their historic counterparts.

The 50’s Les Paul comes in three stunning historic finishes: Tobacco Burst (Pictured), Heritage Cherry Burst, and Gold Top. It is important to note that the Gold Top is technically a different model, but is exactly the same except for the regular maple top in lieu of the the AA figured maple found on the more translucent burst finishes.

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Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s P90

Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s P90This gem of an instrument is exactly like the Les Paul Standard ’50s Gold Top with one important distinction: The Pickups. The Alnico V magnet P90s in this ax give it the original Les Paul sound.

The Les Paul Standard 50’s P90 will not come in all three colors that the humbucker version does. It will be offered only as a Gold Top.

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Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s

Gibson Les Paul Standard '60sThe Les Paul Standard ’60s is yet another period correct Les Paul model, this time targeting 1961. The slim taper neck starts out nice and thin by the nut and becomes quite beefy. When compared to the 50s model, the Standard 60s is appointed with Grover Rotomatic tuners, and top hat knobs that lack the metal pointers. The pickups are different as well. The 60s Les Paul has BurstBucker 61R and 61T pickups which are driven by Alnico V magnets. Again, with this model you will get a mahogany neck and body with a rosewood fingerboard and a AA figured maple top.

This guitar is the Les Paul that most people think of when considering a classic Gibson. It’s available in three classic finishes: Bourbon Burst, Iced Tea Burst (pictured), and Sunburst (like a gold top that shows wood grain)

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Gibson Les Paul Junior

Gibson Les Paul JuniorThe Les Paul Junior was for a long time the least expensive Les Paul on the market. The single dogear P90, flat top, and wraparound bridge all help Gibson to reduce the cost of production, and therefore the end price for the consumer. The Junior is made of a mahogany slab body, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard. Even in this, the most scaled back of all Les Pauls, the guitar retains the set neck construction method.

The Les Paul Junior is a simple, raw guitar that has no shame. It is a powerhouse that lets the sound speak for it. The Les Paul Junior comes in the Vintage Tobacco finish.

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Gibson Les Paul Special

Gibson Les Paul SpecialThe Les Paul Special is essentially an upgrade of the Junior. How is it different? The Special adds a second P90 pickup in the neck position and brings a second volume and tone to the table, one for each pickup. It also includes a three-way selector switch. The dogears on the P90s are also ditched for a cleaner looking sunken pickup mount.

Aside from these upgrades, the Les Paul Special also adopts a different finish. This finish is a Gibson classic, TV Yellow. The added tonal options cost just $100 more than the Junior, clocking the Les Paul Special in at $1599.

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Gibson SG Standard 61

Gibson SG Standard 61In 1961, the Les Paul body underwent a temporary redesign. This redesign became our modern SG, or Solid Guitar. And the SG Standard 61 is literally and metaphorically a solid guitar. In essence, an SG is a Les Paul with a different body shape. This year’s 61 reissue comes with 61 PAF voiced pickups and stays true to the original with its 22nd fret neck joint.

The 61 reissue really gets fun when you opt for one of the vibratos. The SG Standard 61 comes in three stock options; the base model, Sideways Vibrola, and Maestro Vibrola — which we’ll note below. These classic vibrato systems look like the 60s and make the guitar much more enjoyable to play. Just like an SG should, the Standard 61 comes in a glossy Vintage Cherry finish that lets the woodgrain below show through beautifully.

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Gibson SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola

Gibson SG Standard '61 Maestro VibrolaThe new SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola revisits that classic SG design known in the rock scene around the world, and is aimed at emulating the original 1961 Gibson SG. As the name suggests, the guitar boasts a Maestro Vibrola, which adds the vibrato feature missing from other Gibson SG models. The pickups on the guitar are 61R and 61T humbuckers, and the guitar offers a rosewood fingerboard with a mahogany neck. When it comes to finish, the Gibson SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola is available in Vintage Cherry.

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Gibson SG Standard ’61 Sideways Vibrola

Gibson SG Standard '61 Sideways VibrolaPerhaps you prefer the look and feel of the unique Sidewars side-pull action vibrato, in which case it’s worth considering the Gibson SG Standard ’61 Sideways Vibrola. The guitar is essentially the same as the SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola apart from that, boasting the same 61R and 61T humbucking pickups, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, and so on.

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Gibson SG Junior

Gibson SG JuniorMuch like the Les Paul Junior, the SG Junior takes the familiar SG body shape and substitutes the pair of humbuckers for a single P90 in the bridge position with a wraparound bridge. This model follows the trend of the SG Standard 61 by staying true to the early 60s neck joint, pickup voicing, and handwired electronics. The simple control configuration of volume and tone make the guitar easy to understand and perfect for beginners and players on a budget looking to get an American made SG with classic appointments.

The SG Junior comes from the factory with a Vintage Cherry finish, and prices in at a relatively affordable $1399.

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Gibson SG Special

At its core, the SG Special is an upgrade of the SG Junior. The bridge P90 is complimented by a neck P90, and a second volume and tone pot are added as well. The wraparound bridge stays, as does the 60s neck joint. Pickup selection is taken care of by a three way switch.

The SG Special is a great guitar for those who want a P90 loaded Gibson, but don’t like lugging around a heavy Les Paul. The SG Special can be found in Sparkling Burgundy or Faded Pelham Blue (pictured).

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Gibson Firebird

Gibson FirebirdThe Firebird is one of Gibson’s most ambitious designs ever. With an offset body, easy upper fret access, neck through construction, volume and tone per pickup, two screaming mini-humbuckers, and an upside-down headstock, the Firebird is a beautiful marriage of guitar technology and aesthetic appeal.

The Firebird looks and sounds like no other Gibson, but nonetheless remains a loved classic. This year’s model comes in either the Tobacco Sunburst (pictured) or Cherry (Cardinal) Red finish.

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Gibson Flying V

Gibson Flying VIn 1958, Gibson introduced the world to the V shaped guitar. Ever since, the flying V has retained a cult like following among players and collectors alike. The Korina wood of the 58 model has been replaced by an easier to source mahogany body and neck. The pointed head-stock and unique body give this guitar a genre bending personality while the two volume and master tone knobs make dialing in your perfect tone simple and straightforward.

just above the output jack, a three way selector allows you to isolate or blend the BurstBucker Two and BurstBucker Three. This gives the round, warm sound that classic Gibson lovers know and enjoy. This year’s Flying V will be sold in a natural finish.

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Gibson Explorer

Gibson ExplorerAside from the mythical Moderne, the Explorer has to be the most outlandish guitar ever released by Gibson. To clarify, those are kind words. The Explorer is a beast of a guitar. The massive block of mahogany with strings commands attention, and the unique head-stock makes tuning the guitar much more straightforward than the 3×3 configuration found on most Gibsons. Burstbucker Two and Three pickups complete the formula, delivering searing tones.

The Explorer is a great guitar for anyone looking for something new, unique, and a guitar that will truly turn heads.

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Gibson Thunderbird Bass

Gibson’s heritage basses tend to follow a formula. One or two humbucking pickups are attatched to a guitar body with a short scale bass neck. The Thunderbird breaks that mold. With a massive 34″ scale length, 9 ply through neck construction, two volumes, one tone, and no pickup selector, this bass will feel comfortable and inviting in the hands of bassists who are used to instruments by other manufacturers. If you are looking for a deep voiced, harmonically rich bass with never-ending sustain, this is the instrument for you.

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Gibson SG Standard Bass

The SG Bass is a true rock and roll classic. Its short scale makes it easy to play and provides convenient portability. The control layout is simple. A volume for the massive neck pickup, another for the bridge, and a master tone. The beefy three point contact bridge helps hold the string tension and provides ample connection to the body resulting in incredible sustain. The SG Standard Bass can be purchased in Ebony or Heritage Cherry for $1999.

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Modern Collection

Perhaps you’re more into Gibson’s newer and more modern guitars — in which case we recommend the Modern Collection guitars below.

Gibson Les Paul Modern

Gibson Les Paul ModernThe Les Paul Modern is where you can find all of the newer features associated with the Gibson brand. With the Modern, you get extreme weight relief, an ebony fingerboard, a more accessibly contoured neck joint, locking tuners, and FOUR push pull pots. If you are looking for the next generation Les Paul, this is it. The Les Paul Studio brings a lot of tonal options to the table, but the Modern adds phase switching to the already coil-splitting BurstBucker Pro pickups.

The Les Paul Modern is for the player who wants something new and different. It comes in Graphite, Faded Pelham Blue, and Sparkling Burgundy, and is available for $2,499.

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Les Paul Classic

The name might imply that the Gibson Les Paul Classic should be in the Original range of guitars, but the Les Paul Classic is actually aimed at combining the classic Les Paul design from the 60s, with a few functional and electrical additions. The guitar is crafted with a beautiful mahogany back and maple top, along with a sleek mahogany neck. The pickups on the guitar are 61R and 61T zebra burstbuckers, which should help make for a classic Gibson tone.

The Gibson Les Paul Classic is available in Translucent Cherry, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Honeyburst, and Ebony.

Buy from Guitar Center for $1,999

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Gibson Les Paul StudioThe Studio model this year brings some new age technology to the classic Les Paul setup. The new studio features high output, coil tapping humbuckers. This brings the classic Les Paul feel into the modern world and allows for a wild spectrum of tonal options.

Still made out of maple, mahogany, and rosewood, this guitar is a les paul at its heart. It is perfect for the player that loves an old school feel, but needs a modern, shapeable sound. This year’s Les Paul Studio comes in four modern takes on classic finishes: Tangerine Burst, BBQ Burst (or Smokehouse Burst, pictured), Wine Red, and Ebony.

Buy from Guitar Center for $1,499

Gibson Les Paul Tribute

Gibson Les Paul TributeThe Gibson Les Paul Tribute is aimed at capturing the overall feel and vibe as the classic Les Paul, at a slightly more affordable price than other Les Paul models. It comes with a nice maple neck and features 490 R & T humbucking pickups, plus it’s available in four finishes — including Satin Iced Tea, Satin Honeyburst, Satin Tobacco Burst, and Satin Cherry Sunburst.

Buy from Guitar Center for $1,199

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DCA straightforward, simple guitar, the Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC is visually stunning and will pack a searing sound. The flat top and lack of binding allows Gibson to keep the end cost down. With a single P90 in the bridge position, a wraparound bridge, and volume and tone controls, this guitar makes dialing in the perfect tone a simple process.

The Junior is a less expensive model due to the scaled-back electronics, but still retains the classic mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and set neck construction that is expected out of an American Gibson guitar.

All three Double Cut Les Paul models this year will come in four finishes: Worn Cherry, Worn Brown, Worn Ebony, and Blue Stain.

Buy from Guitar Center for $899

Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC

The Double Cut Junior’s big brother retains much of the same simplicity, while opening up the tonal palette to the next degree. The Double Cut Special adds a second P90 in the neck position, allowing for a rounder tone with less of the omnipresent high end that is found in the bridge. Instead of blending pickups with two separate volumes, the Double Cut Special sticks with a master volume, master tone, and a three-way selector switch.

The Double Cut Special is THE guitar for the Les Paul lover who is looking for some different tonal options with a unique shape. And, all that extra tone is only going to run you an extra hundred bucks!

Buy from Guitar Center for $999

Gibson SG Modern

Gibson SG ModernGibson’s new lineup doesn’t get much more modern than the SG Modern. With a 24 fret, slim taper neck, coil splitting humbuckers, and locking tuners, this guitar allows Gibson to compete with many of the smaller, newer guitar companies on the market today. A beautiful AA flame maple top, clear knobs, and a choice of Blueberry Fade or Trans Black (pictured) finish keep this thoughtful revision looking sharp.

Buy from Guitar Center for $1999

Gibson SG Standard

The SG Standard brings a few modern choices to the timeless design. The neck joint extends to the 19th fret to help reduce the possibility of neck damage and higher output, modern spec’d 490 humbuckers are dropped in for a tone that will compete in the modern world.

The SG Standard is a great guitar for anyone who finds themselves on a stage packed with instruments or for the session player who needs to cut through the mix. The powerhouse that is the SG Standard is sold for $1,499, and is offered in Heritage Cherry or Ebony.

Buy from Guitar Center for $1,499

Gibson SG Tribute

Gibson SG TributeThe Gibson SG Tribute offers a mahogany body with a nice rounded profile maple neck, along with a 5-ply pickguard and open-coil 490R and 490T Alnico II loaded pickups — which will help you achieve that classic tone. The guitar also offers a Nashville Tune-O-Matic bridge, Aluminum Stop Bar Tailpiece, and more. It’s available in Vintage Cherry Stain and Natural Walnut Satin — and will come at $1,099.

Buy from Guitar Center for $1,099

Gibson Flying V B-2

Gibson Flying V B-2The Flying V B-2 is a hard rock guitar. An all black finish is paired with high output Dirty Fingers pickups and a simple master volume, master tone control layout. The B-2 model retains the Tune-O-Matic bridge and the stop bar tailpiece of its more traditional brother.

This guitar is perfect for the hard rock guitarist looking for a unique look, but not a lot of weight. It can be bought in Satin Black for $1,399.

Buy from Guitar Center for $1,399

Gibson Explorer B-2

Gibson Explorer B-2Much like the Flying V B-2, the Explorer B-2 is an all black, hard rock oriented version of the classic Explorer. A time tested body shape with simplified controls and high output, modern humbuckers makes this ax a true metal weapon. The Explorer B-2 is designed to turn heads first, and melt faces second.

Buy from Guitar Center for $1,399

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass

Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC BassThe Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass is a powerful budget machine. The 20 fret, short scale bass is loaded with Gibson’s new extended range BassBucker pickup and the simple single volume and single tone knobs of it’s six stringed brethren. Unlike the guitars in the Double Cut line, this bass is all mahogany except for the rosewood fingerboard. It also features a a three point contact bridge with adjustable saddles, making adjustments a breeze. This passive little monster is a welcome addition to Gibson’s usually slim bass line.

The Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass is a great instrument for the younger bass player or the guitar player looking to venture into the world of bass due to its simplicity and short scale length. It’s also a ton of fun for the bass player looking for a fully capable instrument that is easy to transport.

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