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Eventide offering UltraChannel channel strip for free

Eventide recently announced that they were offering their UltraChannel channel strip plugin for free. The plugin is 64-bit, and comes in AU, VST and AAX64. The company is giving away the plugin for free until July 8, after which it will cost $249.

The plugin features two stages of compression, gating, and a five band parametric EQ. One of the compressors is EVentides O-Presser, which is more suited to heavy compression, while the other is better for de-essing and sidechaining.

To get the compressor, users will have to have an iLok account and have the iLok license manager installed. Users should then download the plugin from the Eventide website, and use the coupon codeĀ 0F736710 on the form.

Source: Eventide

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