Boss reveals expansions to its DD-8 and DD-3T delay pedals

Boss DD-8 and DD-3T Delay Pedals

With an equally massive and impressive lineup of effects products available today, and pretty affordable ones at that, Boss is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Especially now that new expanded models of its popular DD-3T and DD-8 delay pedals were recently announced. Both pedals have offered some smooth and strong delay effects to players for a while now, but new improvements to both will definitely be worth it for those interested in expanding their pedal board. Here are the new features being incorporated into each stompbox that you can expect to find when you pick one up for yourself.


The Boss DD-3T delay pedal, of the two, is getting the fewest modifications done, but they’re certainly not something to write off. The DD-3T, for the most party takes a carbon copy of its predecessor’s functions and circuitry, the DD-3 pedal. However, a new tap-tempo feature has been added which users have been asking for from Boss, since it seems to be coming standard with most delay pedals these days. Additionally, the direct out jack has been moved right next to the main output jack off to the pedals left hand side. Other than that, you can expect all of the same features the DD-3 offered before, but if having tap-tempo is important to you, that would definitely be worth the extra bucks towards a new DD-3T.


The new DD-8 pedal from Boss comes as an expansion to the prior DD-7. This new pedal offers a whopping 11 delay types: Loop, Analog, Standard, Tape, Warm, Reverse, +RV (adding reverb to the delay), Shimmer, Mod, Warp, and GLT (adding glitchy sounds to the delay). The DD-8 includes two inputs and outputs each, a looper in-house, and, of course, tap-tempo.

Again, depending on your needs, if you’re searching for a nice sounding delay pedal that won’t break the bank, the DD-3T or DD-8 seem to both be great options. The DD-3T is available for $150, while the DD-8 costs $175. So for more in-depth features and the ability to choose from 11 different delay types, the DD-8 seems to be well worth an extra $25. For more information on either, head over to Boss’s website to learn more.