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Fender American Professional II

The Fender American Professional II instruments are the first models within this lineup in four years

When Fender introduced its first American Professional series of instruments in 2016, hype built up instantly. Finally, players had a huge list of new instruments choose from. Including a long list of Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmasters, and a few bass options as well. All of which offered colors to fit anyone’s style. Since then, the American Professional line has remained a very hot commodity among Fender customers. Now, Fender is back and ready to unveil its first new instruments of the American Professional Series in six years, with the aptly named American Professional Series II.

What’s New With American Professional Series II?

Included in the new edition of American Professional Series instruments are as follows. Nine finishes of the newest Stratocaster model, alongside eight color options within the Stratocaster HSS family. Telecaster wise, Fender is offering up any of nine different colors to choose from, and any of six finishes available within Telecaster Deluxes. This release’s Jazzmasters are slightly more limited in nature. This is because users have only six colors to pick from, but they all look very nice.

Moving along to the bass guitars, the new Fender series includes brand new Jazz Bass, Jazz Bass Fretless, and Jazz Bass V units as well. All these can be selected with a wide variety of color options to suit your mood and playing preference. Finally, new Precision Bass and Precision Bass V models top off this year’s American Professional Series II list. Each one including seven available colors to pick your favorite of.

No matter your instrument of choice, each model within Fender’s American Professional Series II is equipped with the latest in guitar tech. All guitars and basses have V-Mod II pickups, and Fender’s signature “C” shaped necks installed. This improves these instruments’ playability within the electronics and cosmetically as well. Finally, Fender included premium bridges with these new instruments. Which also serve as improvements upon the designs of its previous Professional Series instruments. To learn more about Fender’s latest American Professional Series guitars, we’d encourage everyone to check out Fender’s website for a longer list of more in-depth specs.

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