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Presonus Studio One 6 makes creating music a whole lot more personal

Presonus Studio One is getting a lot more personal. The company has finally launched the sixth major update to its much-loved Studio One DAW, bringing with it huge new customization tools and a range of other tweaks and upgrades that should make using Studio One even better than it already is.

Studio One has grown as a top-tier DAW that any musician should consider for recording, editing, and mixing their projects. Not only that, but Presonus often ships free versions of it with its hardware, and it’s bundled in Presonus’ Sphere subscription and community.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest new upgrades on offer by Presonus Studio One 6.

A customizable UI

Perhaps the biggest upgrade to Studio One comes in the form of the new customizable interface. The new interface essentially allows users to show and hide only the tools they need at any given moment — and considering the huge number of tools on offer by Studio One, that’s a pretty helpful change.

Presonus notes that any changes you make to the interface are applied instantly, and allow users to really streamline their workflow. So, you can show only certain tools when you edit, then change the interface for your mixing workflow when you move to the mixing stage.

Smart Templates

Another major addition to the software comes in the form of Smart Templates. This can help you more quickly dive into a project before you start recording, and it’ll provide the basic tools for your general workflow upfront. There are all kinds of different templates, including those for recording, mixing, mastering, and even setting up for a live show. Templates can allow for easily importing audio and MIDI, too.

Global video track

Do you compose music for movies or videos? Studio One is getting a little more helpful for you — as long as you have Studio One 6 Professional. Presonus has added a new Global Video Track to the software, which allows you to drag and drop your video files right into the DAW, and automatically work with the video player built into the software.

According to Presonus, any video file can be dropped into the DAW, and the video track can hold an unlimited number of video tracks in a single session. You can even perform basic editing tasks on video files, like cutting and pasting, duplicating, and more. The video track also offers its own dedicated sub-track for audio, with its own mixer channel and output routing options.


There are tons of other tweaks and changes to the software too. Tracks can now have their own templates, allowing you to instantly set up a track the way you want it, as long as you set up those presets ahead of time. And, there’s a new Vocoder built right into Studio One.

Smaller additions include the new de-esser, new virtual instrument sidechain support, and new alternative panning modes. And, many of the already-available plugins and effects have been improved, like ProEQ3 and Autofilter.

Presonus Studio One 6 is now available. Sphere customers already have access to it, while others can pay $399.95 for Studio One Professional, or $99.95 for Studio One Artist. There are discounts available for upgrades, too, which is nice.

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