PresentDay Production Kompreskimo heats up your master bus for free

In August of this year, PresentDay Production celebrated 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. In light of this big milestone, PDP put out a series of mock advertisements of silly, fake plugins. One of these, Kompreskimo, was a cartoon-esque style bus compressor. Its layout included four simple controls, its main one being a little Inuit character moving between an igloo and a fire. In the advertisement, the compressor was humorously harsh and unpleasant sounding. However, it now seems PresentDay Production fans loved the hilarious fake product so much, the company made it real. And, as a real product, the team behind it re-coded Kompreskimo to sound great.

PresentDay Production Kompreskimo Features

As stated above, the master bus is where Kompreskimo shines brightest. Design wise, PresentDay kept all controls exactly the same, silly words and all. Likewise, its input controls are labeled ‘omsk’ and ‘tomsk.’ Each with +/-6dB of headroom on either end of unity (at center position). Kompreskimo’s mix knob sits the right of this, labeled ‘aswan’ to ‘hilo.’ Finally ‘pasto’ to ‘quito,’ or output gain to the far right.

Front and center, of course, lives our little character. When dragged, this character acts as a gradual sort of ratio and threshold combo. The closer to the igloo, the less compression will be applied. As the character moves closer to the fire, your master becomes more compressed — or “heated up,” get it? Kompreskimo has its bypass feature built into this main compression feature as well, applied when you hold an assigned key, and click. Additionally, he dances up and down more dramatically, with each increment of compression applied.

Although it originated as a joke, we are definitely loving how Kompreskimo sounds. You can hear a demo for yourself as well in the video above, where it’s easy to tell the quality this plugin delivers all the way across to the fire. With that said, anybody who wants that quality for themselves is in great luck! Due to PresentDay Production now reaching 3,000 subscribers on YouTube, the company is offering Kompreskimo for free. To hop on this great offer from PresentDay Production, or to learn more, click here to visit its website.