The Fender Parallel Universe Vol II Maverick Dorado has finally arrived

Despite its lengthy name, Fender has definitely stirred up plenty of hype around its Parallel Universe II Maverick Dorado guitar. Now, after seven months of waiting, the newest Parallel Universe series guitar is finally available for the public. Introduced at Winter NAMM 2020 earlier this year, the Maverick Dorado is certainly a beautiful guitar. Although its unique build makes it also appear as if it escaped the island of misfit toys. Interestingly enough, that’s frankly the point behind this newly released Fender model, and we’ll be asking Santa for an express shipment this year.


The Parallel Universe Volume II Maverick Dorado’s build comes mostly from leftover 12-string parts. It features a thick “60s C” neck shape with a 24.75″ scale length, and an ebony fretboard. The lacquer finish on the body allows its tone to breathe very well while allowing the color to really shine. Its pickups are premium custom Tim Shaw humbuckers, originally designed for 12-string. But because of the guitar’s nature, Fender had to adjust them to accommodate the Maverick Dorado’s six. Of course, some of the biggest draws toward this guitar is its included Bigsby vibrato, and its uniquely long, elf hat-like headstock.

Fender’s Parallel Universe II Maverick Dorado comes in three color finishes pictured above. These include Firemist Gold (left), Mystic Pine Green (right), and Ultraburst (center). All three of these models fit the guitar’s personality very well, and any of them look like they could be the right fit for somebody. Owning, and using a Maverick Dorado on stage will instantly create a quick fashion statement for any band. When it comes to price, however, the owning part of that sentence might become a little steep for some. For any of the three finishes, the Fender Parallel Universe Volume II Maverick Dorado guitar can be purchased at a list price of $2,499.00, or $119/mo. on Fender’s affiliate credit payment plan. For more information on the new Maverick Dorado line, or to get one for yourself, check it out some more on Fender’s website.